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Two Trans Models Compete In New Season of Germany’s Next Top Model

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The new season of Germany’s Next Top Model kicked off last week, and while it may look like your typical set of women, two of this season’s competitors are trans. Models Melina Budde and Giuliana Radermacher look to be given equal shots at impressing the judges, including Heidi Klum, on the runway this year. The …

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Could You Pass The Trans*-Test?

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With all of the debate around bathroom use lately, how confident are you in distinguishing whether or not someone is a trans person? A group of LGBT youth went to the streets of Köln with a set of photos and asked random people to decide whether or not the people in the pictures …

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Berlin Swimming Pool Plans Special Hours For Trans Swimmers

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After facing criticism over the handling of an incident involving a transgender woman in November of last year, Berlin’s Berliner Bäder-Betriebe announced that they will soon be implementing special hours and accommodations for their transsexual and transgender guests. 78 LGBT organizations and more than 500 individuals pushed for the pool to take …


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Two Transgender Women Stoned In Dortmund

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While leaving Dortmund’s central train station on January 10, two transgender women found themselves being harassed, tackled and stoned by a group of three men, and only narrowly escaped more serious harm thanks to a nearby police patrol. The attackers were identified as two 16-year-old and one 18-year-old men of North African …

Sources: Washington Blade, Transgender Europe

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First Trailer For Trans-Themed Movie ‘The Danish Girl’ Released

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This week the trailer for the upcoming film ‘The Danish Girl’, which centers around the life of one of the first-ever sex reassignment patients, was released, and it will be joining the other much-anticipated LGBT film ‘Stonewall’ in theaters this Fall. ‘The Danish Girl’ is based on the life of …

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