“The Danish Girl” and “Carol” Receive 10 Oscar Nominations

By Stephen Fuchs on

Quite a few great LGBT-inspired movies hit the big screen during 2015, and with award season now underway, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced their nominees for the 88th Academy Awards, giving “The Danish Girl” and “Carol” a combined total of ten nominations. We’ve written about both films on LGBT …

Sources: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

First Trailer For Trans-Themed Movie ‘The Danish Girl’ Released

By Stephen Fuchs on

This week the trailer for the upcoming film ‘The Danish Girl’, which centers around the life of one of the first-ever sex reassignment patients, was released, and it will be joining the other much-anticipated LGBT film ‘Stonewall’ in theaters this Fall. ‘The Danish Girl’ is based on the life of …

Sources: The Danish Girl, EW