Deutsche Bahn Bans Poster For LGBT Museum’s Exhibit, Calls It Sexist

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Berlin’s Schwules Museum*, a LGBT museum in Berlin, had a recent advertising campaign banned from all Deutsche Bahn train stations due to a claim that the ad, featuring a bare-chested androgynous model wearing lipstick, was sexist. The ad was promoting the ‘Homosexualit_ies’ exhibit that opened in 2015, and while the image being used has stirred …

Sources: Pink News

Shots Fired At Berlin’s Schwules Museum

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Berlin’s famous Schwules Museum, which is dedicated to LGBT history, fell victim to gunfire over the weekend, putting the area under lockdown while police investigated the attack. Thankfully the shots were fired after the museum had already closed and no one was hurt. According to an official statement by the Schwules Museum, …

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Berlin Museum Opens Exhibit Looking Back At 150 Years of Gay History

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As LGBT Pride Month wraps up at the end of June, Berlin’s German Historical Museum is opening up an exhibit that presents a comprehensive look at 150 years of the history and culture of homosexuality. The exhibit, “homosexuality_ies“, has been four years in the making as a project between the German Historical Museum …

SOURCE German Historical Museum, AP

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