Germany’s Public View on LGBT Issues Remain Mixed

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Germany tends to be on the forefront of social issues, but one area that has often been pushed to the side is the country’s view on same-sex marriage along with LGBT protections and equality. A new report has focused in on this very issue, and while the German public has improved in …

Sources: DW

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Berlin Protestant Church Becomes First of Its Kind To Carry Out Same-Sex Marriage

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Last weekend, a Berlin protestant church became the first of its kind to carry out a full marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple, paving the way for other gay couples to have their partnership recognized in the church. Marienkirche in Berlin gladly stepped up to offer the marriage ceremony of …

Sources: National Catholic Reporter

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German Support For Gay Marriage On The Rise, Conservatives Included

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A new survey by YouGov on gay marriage in Germany was published on Thursday and the results show over two-thirds of Germans being in favor of legalization, showing progress that is not in line with actual government actions. YouGov conducted the same poll in May of 2015 and since those …

Sources: YouGov

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Germany’s 2nd Largest Church Group Votes Yes For Gay Marriage

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Germany’s second largest church group, the Rheinische Evangelische Kirche, with more than 2.6 million members across 700 parishes, made a bold statement last week when it voted to allow same-sex marriages. The decision to endorse gay marriages in the church was not a close vote as an overwhelming majority were in …

Sources: Christian Today

Photo: Rheinische Evangelische Kirche