Exhibit Honoring Gay Movement Pioneer Magnus Hirschfeld Opened In San Francisco

By Stephen Fuchs on

Germany’s Dr. Magnus Hirsch­feld may not be as commonly talked about around the gay community as some others, but his work has opened up a slew of possibilities and freedoms that San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society is hoping to raise awareness to in a new exhibit at their museum that will …

Sources: GLBT Historical Society

Monument Designs For First Gay Emancipation Movement On Display In Berlin

By Stephen Fuchs on

Berlin is considered home to the first gay rights movement as the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, the world’s first organization to campaign against the legal persecution of homosexuals, was founded in 1897. Now more than 100 years later, the city will be getting a monument to pay tribute the world-changing movement. Magnus Hirschfeld, the group’s founder, built the Institut …

Sources: HKWLSVD Berlin