Germany’s Public View on LGBT Issues Remain Mixed

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Germany tends to be on the forefront of social issues, but one area that has often been pushed to the side is the country’s view on same-sex marriage along with LGBT protections and equality. A new report has focused in on this very issue, and while the German public has improved in …

Sources: DW

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Deutsche Bank Says ‘Nein’ To North Carolina Discrimination, Freezes Hiring

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Deutsche Bank announced on Tuesday that they would be adding themselves to the already growing list of companies cutting ties with North Carolina after the state passed legislation to effectively eliminate anti-discrimination protections against LGBT individuals. The German bank announced plans to expand their software application development center in Cary last September …

Sources: Deutsche Bank

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German Villa Owner Who Refused Gay Couple Ordered To Pay Fine

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Germany isn’t a leader when it comes to gay rights, but most forms of discrimination are not tolerated and has now led to a court ordered fine for a man who refused to rent out his villa to a gay couple in Cologne. When a gay couple entered into a registered partnership in …

Sources: LTO

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Germany Launches Its Largest Survey on Discrimination

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Germany’s Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, die Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes (ADS), launched what is being considered the country’s largest survey on the experiences of discrimination on Tuesday. That agency is calling for all Germans over the age of 14 to take the online or written survey in order to get a more complete …

Sources: Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes,