German Politician Wants Names of HIV Positive Germans

By Stephen Fuchs on

Ralph Weber, a politician in Germany’s far-right AfD party, is causing a bit of a stir after pushing for a lift of the anonymity currently provided to Germans who test HIV positive, believing the full names should be known after citing a misleading rise in new cases. In an interview with Nordkurier, Weber made claims …

Sources: FocusNordkurier

Photo: Zigmond [Flickr]

Germany’s Public View on LGBT Issues Remain Mixed

By Stephen Fuchs on

Germany tends to be on the forefront of social issues, but one area that has often been pushed to the side is the country’s view on same-sex marriage along with LGBT protections and equality. A new report has focused in on this very issue, and while the German public has improved in …

Sources: DW

Photo: Kurt Löwenstein Education Center [Flickr]