Berlin Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism

Berlin Memorial to Persecuted Homosexuals Selects New Film

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A new film has been selected to be displayed inside Berlin’s Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism to replace the current kissing loop beginning on the memorials 10th anniversary in June. Located just across from the more widely recognized Holocaust Memorial in the heart of Berlin, the memorial for persecuted gays is …

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Gay marriages become official in Germany

First Same-Sex Couples Tie the Knot in Germany as Equality Law Goes into Effect

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It may have taken years longer than it should have, but on Sunday, October 1st, Germany put into effect its marriage equality law that passed in a rush vote three months ago, allowing same-sex couples to finally say their “I Do’s” to the ones they love. The first marriage took place …

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German Gay Marriage law one step closer

German Gay Marriage Law Goes into Effect Fall 2017

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After German parliament members voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in a rush vote on Friday, June 30, President Frank-Walter Steinmeier put the final signature on the bill Thursday, making gay marriage one step closer to becoming official in the country. Steinmeier’s final signature doesn’t signal an immediate change though. Unlike when the …

Sources: AP, PinkNews

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same-sex marriage put to vote on Friday

Germany to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage After Merkel Gives Her Blessing

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While Germany is progressive on a number of fronts, the issue of same-sex marriage has struggled to gain acceptance from the government. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party has always taken a more conservative stance, and thus far had been seen as one of the leading …

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Intersex children face damaging surgery without consent

Intersex Babies and How German Doctors Still Act Too Quick

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Amnesty International came out with a telling report earlier this month that looked at the mishandling of intersex babies and their gender surgery, often ignoring scientific research that could prevent irreversible damage both physically and mentally. This has undoubtedly been a topic of heated discussion, but with United Nations experts condemning …

Sources: Amnesty International

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Can Germany Eliminate the Spread of HIV by the Year 2020?

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The Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe charity told Germany news organization DW that by the year 2020, they believe the HIV diagnosis rate in the country could become completely eradicated, just by initiating a proper awareness campaign. Three years to obliterate the spreading of HIV is quite an ambitious goal, but it is not impossible. The …

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Gay Marriage | Christopher Street Parade Berlin

Social Democrats Running Out of Time to Push Gay Marriage Bill

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It is still hard to believe that Germany, a country known for its forward thinking ideas and openness to all walks of life, does not allow for gay marriages. As election season is getting underway for September, members of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) are coming to realize that their chances of …

Sources: DW

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