German Politician Wants Names of HIV Positive Germans

By Stephen Fuchs on

Ralph Weber, a politician in Germany’s far-right AfD party, is causing a bit of a stir after pushing for a lift of the anonymity currently provided to Germans who test HIV positive, believing the full names should be known after citing a misleading rise in new cases.

In an interview with Nordkurier, Weber made claims that HIV cases in his northern Germany district of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are climbing at an extreme rate and that 415 new diagnoses we registered in 2015, versus 24 in 2010. The state however has countered these claims which show only 41 new cases in 2015, down from the 2014 high of 61.

For Weber, the current Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz) needs to go in favor of a new policy that would require clinics and doctors to submit the names of patients without their consent.

Those opposed to his aggressive approach are arguing that such a policy would only make infection rates worse. One such opponent, Susanne Glasmacher, said that the change would instill fear in those who would otherwise get tested, leading to a late, if ever, diagnosis.


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Photo: Zigmond [Flickr]