German sex toy TV AD

This German Gay Sex Toy TV Ad Is Pissing Off Parents

By Stephen Fuchs on

Germany is known to be a lot more forgiving towards the content allowed in tv commercials versus the United States. If you’re visiting and turn the TV late at night, expect to see some provocative messaging. So when the German sex toy shop Amorelie put out a tv commercial, why did it cause such a backlash? It centered around two men in bed.

“gay propaganda has been airing on German TV”

The gay couple, fully clothed, lay in bed as they open up the box for their new toy and discuss it in a suggestive and flirty manner. But it wasn’t so much the toy that had parents up in arms. Because of its placement in a time-slot where adult ads are typically banned from running, parents feel the content was not only inappropriate to have running while children watch tv, but also propagandistic.

Journalist Martin Lejeune, known for his controversial rants, summed up the concern many have in this recent Facebook post: “For months, gay propaganda has been airing on German TV, exactly at the time when children come home from school and before 18:00, before the Simpson are on. Hello! Is nobody interest in this.”

You can check out the ad for yourself below. There is also an extended edit of the ad, which features more skin and is not meant for tv, that follows…

Broadcast TV Ad


Extended Video (NSFW-ish)

Sources: Amorelie via Gay Star News