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Homophobic Hate Crime on the Rise in Germany

By Stephen Fuchs on

Some alarming figures on the level hate crime against LGBTI individuals in Germany were released this week, and in the first nine months of the year, reported incidents have risen nearly 20-percent, and that number is believed to be under-reported as not all German states have contributed figures.

In a report given to German MPs on Wednesday, Christian Democrat junior minister for the interior Ole Schröder revealed that 205 individual homophobic hate crimes were reported so far this year, up from last year’s 171. Only 99 of those cases resulted in the identification of suspects, although a slight increase of last year’s 86, but the concerning numbers don’t come close to representing the full extent of the issue.

It’s believed that many of the crimes go unreported, and when they are, the German legal system hasn’t been modified to properly report the incidents for what they are, leaving them to fall within a “sexual orientation” subcategory of “politically motivated crimes.

Out of the reported incidents, Berlin was home to 113 of the crimes, which can partially be attributed to the larger population of LGBTI-out individuals. Missing from the report however are two of Germany’s largest cities, Hamburg and Cologne, as they currently do not collect figures for homophobic crimes, despite both having a large LGBTI population.

Sources: DW

Photo: distelfliege [Flickr]