Guenther Oettinger

Guenther Oettinger Faces Criticism Over Homophobic Comment

By Stephen Fuchs on

While addressing a crowd of business leaders in Hamburg last week, EU Digital Economy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger tried to liven the room with some humor. He was able to get quite a few laughs, but some his comments may have gone too far as a portion of the speech posted to YouTube, displayed his less than friendly remarks on the Chinese and gay marriage.

After poking fun of the Chinese with their “chiselers and chinky eyes”, Oettinger lashed out on Germany’s political agenda, including a stab at gay marriage. “The German agenda has mother’s pension, mandatory pension, retirement with 63 years, childcare allowances, the silly autobahn toll that will never be introduced, after that, perhaps the obligatory homosexual marriage will be introduced.”

Oettinger received quite a few negative responses after the video went live, calling him racist and homophobic, but in an attempt to defend his remarks, he told Die Welt that the “somewhat casual comment” was never intended to be disrespectful and that he has nothing against gay marriage.

Check out the video that started it all below

Sources: BBC

Photo: Innovation Union [Flickr]