LGBT Shelter for refugees

Germany Offering More Safe Shelters For LGBT Refugees

By Stephen Fuchs on

Among the more than 1 million refugees calling Germany home are a not so small number of LGBT individuals who have fled to their country to avoid unsafe conditions back home, but upon setting up camp in various shelters, their fears were not long gone. Now Germany has heard their requests and has finally opened more shelters where their safety is a priority.

Germany is by far much more accepting than their home countries, including many that deem homosexuality a crime, but when placed in camps with straight refugees, the fear of facing hostility has been real for many of them.

One of the new shelters in Berlin offers 24/7 security with carefully selected bodyguards, language courses, and additional medical care that can provide hormone therapy treatment for transsexual refugees.

With all of the negative press surrounding the refugee situation in Germany, this is one piece of news that is quite positive, and shows that Germany is at least taking steps to make the country a safe place for all.

Sources: Express

Photo: Schwulenberatung Berlin