Who’s the German Pro Soccer Player That Just Came Out on Reddit?

By Stephen Fuchs on

Coming out of the closet as a professional athlete is still a frowned upon decision, even in some of the most accepting countries, so when a soccer player in Germany turned to Reddit to come out, he did so without disclosing who he actually is.

I have to say it is a strange way to come out, but it shows how much of a career killer it is for an athlete to be openly gay.

He wrote under the pseudonym ‘Eckfahne’, or ‘corner flag’, and posted a series of details about himself that were specific, yet also vague enough that his identity wouldn’t be obvious.

So what do we know about the mystery gay soccer star? Well, he is 20 years old, makes €9,000 a month (not bad), has a crush on Manuel Neuer, and dates only men outside of the soccer circuit but has a decoy girlfriend.

Through Reddit he hosted a bit of a Q&A, and my guess is he used the platform as a way to get things off his chest, as I, and probably most of our gay readers, can relate to, but he did say that at the moment he has no plans to come out publicly.

Sources: Reddit via 90min

Photo: Awaya Legends [Flickr]