Beautiful Naked Men Frolicking in a Berlin Field? Why Not?

By Stephen Fuchs on

There’s not much to say beyond the title of this post, and I’m sure if there was you would just skip to the link with the photos anyway. I don’t blame you 😉

But if you want a little more meat to the story (pun very much so intended), Manuel Moncayo, a Mexican-born photographer, living in Berlin, keeps a photo diary of beautiful gay men, and we just so happened upon a piece showing off some rugged ones just frolicking in a field in Berlin.

I know, I’ve made this post way to long already (another pun?), so here is the link to the men in all their glory, courtesy of Accidental Bear. Be careful where you click it though as these photos are clearly NSFW.

Sources: Manuel Moncayo, Accidental Bear

Photo: Manuel Moncayo

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