Check Out How Burger King Celebrated Pride in Cologne

By Stephen Fuchs on

At this year’s Christopher Street Day (CSD) celebration in Cologne, Burger King came prepared to make a statement by selling a special edition ‘Proud Whopper’ with the message “We Are All The Same Inside” printed on the inside of the wrapper.

The point of the special edition menu item was to show that while the Whopper’s packaging looked different on the outside, once unwrapped it was just like any other Whopper on the inside.

This isn’t the first appearance of the ‘Proud Whopper’ though. In 2014, Burger King offered the special edition burger at San Francisco Pride that was met with a good, yet very emotional, reaction that led to numerous industry awards for the burger chain.

Want to see the campaign in action? Burger King Deutschland released a one-minute video of the well-received reactions from Cologne CSD celebrants and ‘Proud Whopper’ customers on YouTube. Check it out below:

Sources: Burger King Deutschland