40% of Germans Disgusted By Gay Kissing

By Stephen Fuchs on

A new study from the University of Leipzig was published on Wednesday that reveals an alarmingly high number of Germans being “disgusted’ by the sight of gays kissing in public.

The survey is part of a larger investigation into the political attitudes in Germany that has been ongoing since 2002, but these latest numbers come from a Spring 2106 survey answered by 2,420 representatively selected individuals.

40 percent of the respondents reported being completely disgusted by gay kissing, which has doubled compared to the same survey conducted two years earlier.

It is unclear why these numbers are seeing such a drastic increase, but it appears to be part of a larger change in the political culture of Germany lately. The same study shows an equally unsettling upward trend of Muslim hatred that is undoubtedly linked to the refugee crisis plaguing the country.

Sources: Queer.de

Photo: See-ming Lee [Flickr]