German Support For Gay Marriage On The Rise, Conservatives Included

By Stephen Fuchs on

A new survey by YouGov on gay marriage in Germany was published on Thursday and the results show over two-thirds of Germans being in favor of legalization, showing progress that is not in line with actual government actions.

YouGov conducted the same poll in May of 2015 and since those results were released, those in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage increased 3 percentage points to today’s 68 percent.

YouGov Marriage ResultsWhile supporters of Germany’s more liberal parties were expected to be in favor of gay marriage, the surprise is found among the more conservative Union, which Chancellor Angela Merkel is a member of, where 61 percent were in favor of changing the marriage law.

Even Germany’s largest church groups have been leaning towards accepting same-sex marriage, with Catholic respondents being in favor 68 percent and Protestants just one percentage point behind that. This probably shouldn’t be all too surprising as Germany’s second largest church group, the Rheinische Evangelische Kirche, just changed their position to allow gay marriages in the church earlier this month.

The YouGov survey also asked questions on gay couples being allowed to adopt children, with 61 percent of those asked being in favor. 63 percent also believed that a child’s education would be no different with gay parents, but 19 percent did respond stating their belief that education would suffer.

Its clear from this survey and other recent events that the general opinion on gay marriage among the German public is not in line with the opinions and rulings of the government. As these numbers continue to increase, German politicians will need to reevaluate their positions before they are seen as being too out of touch with the voting public.

Sources: YouGov

Photo: Robert Couse-Baker / CC BY 2.o