Gay Adoption May Not Be Legal In Germany, But Gov’t Ad Shows Gay Family

By Stephen Fuchs on

Germany has yet to legalize adoption for gay couples, with the exception of some loopholes, but when the Federal Ministry for the Environment launched their “Du best die Stadt” (“You are the City”) campaign, the SPD-led office decided to use their power to make a statement by showcasing a gay couple and their baby.

The campaign itself does not focus on gay adoption, or any other LGBT-issues aside from calling for affordable housing to cater to the diversity of people living in the cities.

There’s no doubt though that the image of two gay men with their baby, which is just one of the six different advertising images, is meant to make some sort of statement as the SPD (Social Democratic Party) is one of Germany’s political parties pushing for more equal gay rights.

The fact that Barbara Hendricks, the head of the the Ministry, is an openly out and vocal lesbian, helps explain the inclusion of a gay family in the campaign.

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Photo: Edition F via Facebook