Gay Berlin

Berlin is home to one of Europe’s most thriving gay scenes, and is considered the number one gay spot in Germany. The city is always on the go and provides the most diverse offerings for the LGBT crowd. No matter what scene you’re into, you will find your place in Berlin.

Bars & Clubs

Experience the gay nightlife scene in Berlin with the hottest bars & clubs. There's something for everyone's tastes.

Bars & Clubs

See a list of Berlin's gay bars & clubs



Add some flare and fun to your food experience in Berlin by dining at some restaurants and cafes that share your pride.


See a list of Berlin's top gay restaurants



Embrace your love for shopping by paying a visit to some of Berlin's greatest shops that cater to your desires.


See a list of Berlin's top gay shops



End your night in one of Berlin's many hotels that pay special attention to their LGBT guests and are close to the action.


See a list of Berlin's top gay friendly hotels


Gay Districts

As with any major city, Berlin has specific districts that are known to be a little gayer than the others. Because of the city’s large LGBT diversity, Berlin has several main gay districts, each with their own flare, that you can hit up for a fun and safe time.

  • Schöneberg

    Berlin’s most popular and diverse gay district. Its always party time here and its home to some of Europe’s largest LGBT events. All scenes and fetishes are welcome!

  • Kreuzberg

    Another of Berlin’s more established gay districts. Kreuzberg is home to the popular Schwules Museum (Gay Museum) and the oldest gay bar in Berlin, Schwuz.

Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Mitte

In recent years, Berlin’s gay scene has found its way into new areas as the fall of the wall brought change throughout the city.

Prenzlauer Berg caters to a more trendy and wealthy crowd and could be considered a more family-friendly spot to visit. Hipsters are welcomed too.

Friedrichshain and Mitte have both established themselves as having a lively gay scene. With Friedrichshain being popular with tourists, the crowd is quite diverse.

We All Have a Story to Tell

One of the best ways to learn about something is through experience, so we want to hear stories from those who spent an extensive amount of time in Berlin.

Share your experiences, thoughts and insights into the LGBT culture of Berlin. We’d be happy to feature your story here!

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