Can Germany Eliminate the Spread of HIV by the Year 2020?

By Stephen Fuchs on

The Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe charity told Germany news organization DW that by the year 2020, they believe the HIV diagnosis rate in the country could become completely eradicated, just by initiating a proper awareness campaign. Three years to obliterate the spreading of HIV is quite an ambitious goal, but it is not impossible. The …

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German Politician Wants Names of HIV Positive Germans

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Ralph Weber, a politician in Germany’s far-right AfD party, is causing a bit of a stir after pushing for a lift of the anonymity currently provided to Germans who test HIV positive, believing the full names should be known after citing a misleading rise in new cases. In an interview with Nordkurier, Weber made claims …

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HIV Research

German HIV Research Group Offers Hope For Cure

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An estimated 37 million people around the globe are living with HIV, and while recent medicine and preventative measures such as PrEP have come along in recent years, finding an actual cure has led to dead ends. Now a new global HIV institute has opened in Essen, Germany, the first for the country, and the …

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