Exhibit Honoring Gay Movement Pioneer Magnus Hirschfeld Opened In San Francisco

By Stephen Fuchs on

Germany’s Dr. Magnus Hirsch­feld may not be as commonly talked about around the gay community as some others, but his work has opened up a slew of possibilities and freedoms that San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society is hoping to raise awareness to in a new exhibit at their museum that will …

Sources: GLBT Historical Society

Berlin Protestant Church Becomes First of Its Kind To Carry Out Same-Sex Marriage

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Last weekend, a Berlin protestant church became the first of its kind to carry out a full marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple, paving the way for other gay couples to have their partnership recognized in the church. Marienkirche in Berlin gladly stepped up to offer the marriage ceremony of …

Sources: National Catholic Reporter

Photo: Secret Pilgrim [Flickr]

How Many Germans Have Had Gay Sex? Survey Says… 13%

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A recent YouGov survey in Germany asked respondents to answer questions about their sexual history, and while the survey covers a range of topics from monogamy and masturbation, a set of questions centered around homosexual experiences, which roughly 13 percent admitted to having. Roughly one in seven claimed to have …

Sources: YouGov

Photo: Sasha Kargaltsev [Flickr]