German Politician Wants Names of HIV Positive Germans

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Ralph Weber, a politician in Germany’s far-right AfD party, is causing a bit of a stir after pushing for a lift of the anonymity currently provided to Germans who test HIV positive, believing the full names should be known after citing a misleading rise in new cases. In an interview with Nordkurier, Weber made claims …

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Germany's Next Top Model Trans

Two Trans Models Compete In New Season of Germany’s Next Top Model

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The new season of Germany’s Next Top Model kicked off last week, and while it may look like your typical set of women, two of this season’s competitors are trans. Models Melina Budde and Giuliana Radermacher look to be given equal shots at impressing the judges, including Heidi Klum, on the runway this year. The …

Sources: Germany's Next Top Model, Gay Star News

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Monika Treut

Germany’s Monika Treut to Receive Special Teddy for Queer Cinema Contributions

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The Teddy Awards, which is the longest running award ceremony for queer cinema around the world, has announced that this year’s Special TEDDY Award will be given to lesbian Monika Treut, from Germany, for her contributions to the world of queer film. Upon announcing this high honor, the Teddy organization issued …

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Photo: Monika Treut, Hyena Films

Ulf Poschardt - More Gay Quote

Die Welt Editor Calls For Germany to be ‘More Gay’ to Combat Trump

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Germany’s conservative newspaper Die Welt has definitely stirred up some controversy when the paper’s editor, Ulf Poschardt, told readers to fight against Trump’s policies by being “more gay” before having to retract the statement with another that some could say made the issue worse. Poschardt’s original statement read: “We must defend ourselves against Donald …

Sources: Die Welt, Pink News

Germany’s Public View on LGBT Issues Remain Mixed

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Germany tends to be on the forefront of social issues, but one area that has often been pushed to the side is the country’s view on same-sex marriage along with LGBT protections and equality. A new report has focused in on this very issue, and while the German public has improved in …

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HIV Research

German HIV Research Group Offers Hope For Cure

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An estimated 37 million people around the globe are living with HIV, and while recent medicine and preventative measures such as PrEP have come along in recent years, finding an actual cure has led to dead ends. Now a new global HIV institute has opened in Essen, Germany, the first for the country, and the …

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