Gay Adoption May Not Be Legal In Germany, But Gov’t Ad Shows Gay Family

By Stephen Fuchs on

Germany has yet to legalize adoption for gay couples, with the exception of some loopholes, but when the Federal Ministry for the Environment launched their “Du best die Stadt” (“You are the City”) campaign, the SPD-led office decided to use their power to make a statement by showcasing a gay …

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Photo: Edition F via Facebook

IKEA Features Gay Kiss In German Christmas Ad

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IKEA apparently wasn’t too worried about facing some backlash when they released their latest Christmas ad in Germany, as the commercial features the warmth of love and family amid the chaos of the holiday, including a subtle, yet highlighted gay kiss. The new commercial for the Swedish furniture store is centered around …

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Monument Designs For First Gay Emancipation Movement On Display In Berlin

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Berlin is considered home to the first gay rights movement as the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, the world’s first organization to campaign against the legal persecution of homosexuals, was founded in 1897. Now more than 100 years later, the city will be getting a monument to pay tribute the world-changing movement. Magnus Hirschfeld, the group’s founder, built the Institut …

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