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Social Democrats Running Out of Time to Push Gay Marriage Bill

By Stephen Fuchs on

It is still hard to believe that Germany, a country known for its forward thinking ideas and openness to all walks of life, does not allow for gay marriages. As election season is getting underway for September, members of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) are coming to realize that their chances of pushing through a bill that would change all that, could be coming to a close.

Six months to draft and convince their conservative coalition partners — Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) — seems like wishful thinking, but in reality the time they have is much shorter. Once parliament disbands in July, all of the attention will be focused on the political campaigns to either keep or take a seat in the new German government.

Leaders of the SPD are expected to meet with their CDU/CSU partners on Wednesday to push the issue of marriage equality, but with this year’s election season expected to be a rough ride for incumbents, backing a gay marriage bill could be a conservative politicians worst move.

While the SPD may put in the effort, marriage equality is all but guaranteed to be a fight that will have to wait for 2018 and beyond.

Sources: DW

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