Must Watch: German Singer’s Music Video Against Homophobia

By Stephen Fuchs on

Maksim Reimer sqMaksim Reimer, an up-and-coming singer, songwriter and violinist in the German music scene, has been gearing up to release his debut album with his band in the Fall, but after the tragic shooting in Orlando, decided to release his music video for the song You Found Me (Against Homophobia) early and we are glad he did.

Reimer was born in Russia, but at the age of 14, fled to Germany with his parents where he could foster his musical ambitions in a country where he was free to be himself and not hide his sexuality.

That Russian connection is still with him though and it plays a huge role in his musical style that gives him a unique sound that is destined for success. It is also something that has contributed to his heartfelt messages that are the center of his music.

The video for You Found Me (Against Homophobia) carries with it a serious message which demonstrates that “every human being is equal – regardless of his sexual orientation, his religious beliefs or his skin color”.

Releasing this video early came with a risk though, as it was done on Reimer’s terms after the Orlando shooting, instead of the later release schedule that his record label had wanted. Reimer felt the video needed to be released now, instead of later, and as a result lost his contract. He still feels it was the right decision and the message that the video represents means more than a contract that he should have no problem finding a replacement for.

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