Deutsche Bahn Celebrates 25th Anniversary and Pride in Touching Ad

By Stephen Fuchs on

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has released a new ad to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their high-speed InterCity Express (ICE) trains and did so with a touching ad that captures the love between a soccer star and his boyfriend, and did so just in time for Pride.

Only subtle hints on the relationship are dropped at first but, as the ad progresses, there is no doubting the love the two have for each other… a love that is confirmed by such a sweet embrace as the soccer player greets his man at the train stop with a hug that may just melt your heart.

“The film is a cinematic love letter,” said Franzis Heusel, CEO of BBDO Berlin, the agency behind the ad. “And it makes such a true statement just in time for the Euro 2016 championship.”

We commend DB for making a bold statement at a time where its only now becoming somewhat acceptable for gay soccer stars to come out. Now if only someone would’ve told Apple that it was okay to keep a gay couple in their ad.

Sources: BBDO