Gay Penguin Couple Moved From Berlin Zoo To An All Male Paradise in Hamburg

By Stephen Fuchs on

When Stan and Olli were sent to Berlin Zoo by the European Conservation Programme, the intent was for the two male penguins to breed with the females, but to the zookeepers surprise, the only mating that the two wanted to do was with each other.

“They’re gay, as far as we know,” Berlin Zoo spokeswoman Christiane Reiss told The Local. “They never bred. And when it came to courtship, they only mated with one another.”

Instead of keeping these two new lovebirds locked up with a bunch of women, arrangements were made to send them to an all male habitat at the Hamburg Zoo, where they have been given the new names of Kalle and Grobi.

An all male environment for a pair of gay penguins might seem like paradise, but there may be some drama ahead. It has already been confirmed that Kalle and Grobi are not the only gay penguin couple to call the zoo home.

Juan and Carlos have been living a fabulous life together in Hamburg’s gay paradise, but with the new birds coming in, will it lead to a shakeup in their relationship? Will Kalle hookup with Carlos? Will Grobi have an affair with another penguin questioning his sexuality? Anything is possible on Male Penguin Paradise.

Sources: Independent, The Local

Photo: Liam Quinn [Flickr] / CC BY-SA 2.0