Nena Features Gay Couple In Video For Her Latest Hit

By Stephen Fuchs on

Nena will forever be known for “99 Luftballons”, a song that, despite being sung in German, made her a pop icon around the world, but she’s back with a new hit, “Genau Jetzt”, and she’s not afraid to show some LGBT love in the song’s music video.

The song itself can stand on its own, but the music video takes it to a whole new level that left me with goosebumps. It is a very simple video, but it packs a punch.

While the entire song is filled with a great message, a verse towards the end wraps the message up quite well:

Exactly now
At this moment
Nobody knows what comes tomorrow
Live now in the moment
When you fall on your face stand up and
Walk on

Sources: German Pulse

Photo: Michael Movchin/ CC BY-SA 3.0