Two Transgender Women Stoned In Dortmund

By Stephen Fuchs on

While leaving Dortmund’s central train station on January 10, two transgender women found themselves being harassed, tackled and stoned by a group of three men, and only narrowly escaped more serious harm thanks to a nearby police patrol.

The attackers were identified as two 16-year-old and one 18-year-old men of North African decent, but there does not seem to be a known connection with the mass sexual assault that took place two weeks earlier in Cologne.

With the incident receiving media attention, the two victims expressed their fear of followup attacks and are now afraid to even leave their home.

Transgender Europe released a statement following the attack, including a concern over the nature of the incident’s media coverage.

“From the account of the two women, it was not a planned attack or a planned ‘stoning’ ritual as some news outlets gave the impression,” Transgender Europe wrote. “We are greatly concerned over double standards of news outlets pushing this story for underlying racist sentiment and reporting, while using the story to appeal to racist motives farther, whereas they would not take up trans people’s lives otherwise.”


Sources: Washington Blade, Transgender Europe

Photo: torbakhopper via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)