YouTube Trilogy Shows Gay Life in Allgäu Region of Germany

By Stephen Fuchs on

Since posting their short film to YouTube in 2013, the teens behind the gay film “Am Ziel” (At the Destination”) saw enough success in their story about being gay in the mountainous Allgäu region of Germany that they set out to complete the trilogy, releasing the final two films in November.

The trilogy focuses on the somewhat unknown gay youth group “Bonito” and was produced with the help of Queerblick, a German organization that aims to empower LGBT teens with video workshops.

“Am Ziel”, the first in the trilogy that was posted two years ago, centers around a gay teen that struggles with his decision to attend his first Bonito group gathering. His internal struggle will probably hit home with your own personal struggles the first time you decided to attend your first gay gathering.

The anticipated followup “Am Gipfel” (“At the Top”) is the longer of the three films and is about two friends, one gay and the other straight, who set out on a tour of the Alps.

For the third film in the trilogy, the tone is changed a bit as “Am Abgrund” (“On the Brink”) touches on the horror genre. The two main characters, Adrian and Ben, find themselves in a horrific battle of trust, separation and jealousy. Its paranoia horror with sex appeal.

Check out all three films included in this post, and feel free to check out the other short films created by gay youth from the Queerblick organization on YouTube.


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