Germany’s Eurovision Pick Criticized For Anti-Gay Lyrics in Songs

By Stephen Fuchs on

Germany’s decision to have popular R&B artist Xavier Naidoo represent the country in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest has resulted in quite a bit of criticism online as his lyrics have been known to carry homophobic and anti-Semitic messages.

Naidoo has been very successful with his albums selling in the millions, which is probably why the network ARD selected him to represent Germany, which has not been able to come back after their last win in 2010. But does that erase the negativity found in his songs?

In 2012, Naidoo faced criticism from the media and the public for his song “Wo sind see jetzt” (Where Are You Now), which suggested that all homosexuals are pedophiles. In 2008 he released a song in the wake of the financial crisis that spewed derogatory Yiddish terms at the German-Jewish Rothschild banking family.

His anti-Semitism was even witnessed as early as last year when he appeared at a rally, during Germany’s reunification anniversary, promoting the establishment of a German Reich and the reinstatement of 1937 borders.

With the onset of the criticism surrounding his nomination, Naidoo made a brief statement saying he wanted a “liberal and welcoming” Germany while trying to distance himself from his involvement in last years German Reich rally.

Source: Reuters

Photo: Facebook