2015 Shell Study Shows German Youth Becoming Even More Tolerant Towards Diversity

By Stephen Fuchs on

The latest Shell Jugendstudie (Youth Study) has been released for 2015 and the trend towards accepting diversity has seen a continued uptick among Germans aged 12 to 25-years-old in a variety of areas.

Since 2010, the percentage of youth that stated that they would not be comfortable with a gay or lesbian couple moving in next door dropped from 15 percent to now only 12 percent.

This positive trend of acceptance also carried over into other groups as well, with Russians and Turkish families being more widely accepted over the last five years.

The study found that the divide between West and East Berlin is still noticeable despite the youth having never lived in a divided country. Responses from states that fell within the former East Germany border were not as accepting as those from the West. Once acceptation was found though… when it came to being asked about having a gay neighbor, answers were fairly constant and accepting across the entire country.


Sources: Shell Jugendstudie, Queer.de

Photo:  flickr / audiolucistore / CC BY 2.0