‘Free Fall’ Sequel Said To Be In The Works

By Stephen Fuchs on

Germany’s 2013 gay film “Free Fall” (Freier Fall) went on to become an unexpected hit and is to no surprise found on many lists of top gay films in recent years. Due to its success, fans who have been left wondering what became of the two main characters at the end of the film may not have to wonder much longer as the speculation of a sequel has now been confirmed to be a real possibility.

While a sequel was never originally intended, the film’s creators announced that the interest from fans has been so significant that a sequel is now in the works. Of course, details of the storyline have been sparse, but the film will include the reunion of its two main characters, Marc and Kay, and be directed by the original film’s director, Stephan Lacant.

Funding for “Free Fall 2” is still being worked out, but it looks like a majority of the money will come from a community effort. On the sequel’s Facebook page, several posts have been made preparing fans for an upcoming crowdfunding campaign for the movie.

If you have not seen the original “Free Fall”, stop what you are doing, grab your cuddle buddy, go to Netflix, and watch it! Hot guys, nudity, a real storyline… what are you waiting for? And we will keep an eye on this story and update you with more information when it’s released.