First Trailer For Trans-Themed Movie ‘The Danish Girl’ Released

By Stephen Fuchs on

This week the trailer for the upcoming film ‘The Danish Girl’, which centers around the life of one of the first-ever sex reassignment patients, was released, and it will be joining the other much-anticipated LGBT film ‘Stonewall’ in theaters this Fall.

‘The Danish Girl’ is based on the life of Einar Wegener (later Lile Elbe) who, after filling in as a female model for his then wife, realized that living these brief moments as a woman was something that felt more ‘right’.

Wegener decides to take on the new identity of Lile Elbe full-time and becomes one of the first ever recorded recipients of male to female sex reassignment surgeries, done in Germany at the time.

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, who plays Elbe in the film, commented to Entertainment Weekly regarding his experience working on the film, calling it an “extraordinary experience” and it is still ongoing. “You sort of learn something every day, really. It’s a very delicate and intricate piece. I had an extraordinary time making it.”

‘The Danish Girl’ hits U.S. theaters in December after a limited opening in New York and Los Angeles on November 27. The film will see its German debut on January 7, 2016.