March With Us and Celebrate Von Steuben With Pride (Updated)

By Stephen Fuchs on

LGBT Germany is getting ready for its first public outing this month as we show our German Pride at the Chicago and New York City Steuben Parade — parades that have had a surprising lack of LGBT presence considering it is honoring a gay German-American —and we are welcoming you to join in celebrating your pride with us!

So come on out to either parade and help us celebrate Friedrich Von Steuben with the pride he fully deserves. Let’s get people talking by making Steuben Parade history.


Who’s Friedrich Von Steuben?

Baron_Steuben_by_Peale,_1780-2Let us make this brief… Friedrich Von Steuben advanced through the ranks of the German military at a young age in the late 1700’s, but upon his homosexuality being discovered, he was threatened with persecution and was forced to leave the country. It was apparently too hard for him to conceal his desires while being surrounded by the young military men.

After a stop in France, Steuben was discovered by Benjamin Franklin who then convinced George Washington to move him to America to bring order and strategy to the still-young military.

It is said that Steuben made a grand gay entrance with his 17-year-old lover and despite concerns around his flamboyancy, Washington was impressed enough with the training tactics and quick progress Steuben was making in the military that he overlooked his sexuality.

Steuben not only brought a sense of order and strategy to the military that is still heavily referenced and used to this day, but also created the finest looking military with his taste for fashion that only a gay man could bring.


Let’s March

So let’s get marching to honor America’s earliest influential gay man, a man who is responsible for creating the modern American army that until just two years ago didn’t allow its gay service men and women to serve openly. Let’s show Steuben some pride!

Let us know if you want to march with LGBT Germany by sending an email to along with which parade you’d like to be in: Chicago (Sept 12) or New York (Sept 19). We will get in touch with you to provide all the details!


Update: We are sad to announce that due to a tragic series of events in the German Pulse and LGBT Germany family, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel our participation in this Saturday’s Steuben Parade and Oktoberfest in New York City.