Coming Out With German Pride

By Stephen Fuchs on

The time has finally come — LGBT Germany is officially out of the closet and we are ready to show our German Pride!

We set out to create a one of a kind site that is dedicated to Germany’s diverse LGBT scene with an American twist. LGBT Germany is part of German Pulse, a leading site dedicated to bringing a new side of the German culture to America, and we are ready to take things to the next level by bringing a part of Germany’s culture and history that has been virtually nonexistent in the States. And we plan on having fun along the way.

“LGBT culture is still heavily influenced by contributions made by Germany years ago”
LGBT issues are not just a hot topic in the United States… it reaches far beyond the American border and Germany has a very strong and sometimes heated history around the subject. At one time in history, Germany was at the forefront of LGBT rights and acceptance, and to this day, LGBT culture is still heavily influenced by contributions made by Germany years ago.

LGBT Germany is more than just a historical look at Germany’s influence on LGBT culture. The site will not only cover the latest LGBT news and topics coming out of Germany, but serve as a resource for gay Americans looking to travel to Germany. We are working hard to make this site the go-to travel resource to find the hottest gay spots in Germany’s gayest cities, including an extensive roundup of gay bars, shops, restaurants, and more.


We’ve Only Just Begun

None of us came out of the closet completely put together… its a process.

That being said, we have an exciting roadmap planned for the future of LGBT Germany, and that means we will continue to add new features to the site on a regular basis. (Our version history page will keep track of all the changes)

We are launching with our first contribution to Gay German travel with our guide to Gay Berlin. Over the next several weeks we will be hard at work creating the most extensive list of gay bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and hotels in Berlin and will continue to update the guide with new spots as they open.

In the months ahead we will also be going live with guides to Germany’s other gay-friendly cities, including Bremen, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart.

And that is just the beginning!

We will be paying attention to feedback and requests from our users to add fun new features to the site that will push the boundaries and put a brand new spin on German-American culture that has been ignored for too long.

You want video? Yes, it’s coming! You want sexy gay Germans? We want them too and are working on bringing them here! (if are are one of them, send pics to! jk?)

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